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About Us

Hi! My name is Laura Long, I am the owner/operator of Adored Pet Services. Animals are what make my heart smile. I have spent years passionately trying to advocate for them. I graduated from Dogma Training and Pet Services dog training apprenticeship program in 2014, I am a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild, and I am certified in pet first aid and CPR through Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid. I whole heartedly believe we have to speak up for and take care of those who can't do that for themselves.


I share my home with my husband, our three kids, two dogs, Maverick and Peyton, and our two cats, Minu and Cookie. They are my reason for starting this business, drinking coffee, and vacuuming A LOT :).  That's me in the picture above with my oldest dog, Maverick. He is quite the guy. He has taught me a lot about taking care of and being empathetic to animals that require special care and understanding. I owe a lot of my animal related achievements to him. Sometimes our greatest teachers in life are not just people.


I have lived with and loved many animals in my life and have experience with animals of all sizes and tempermants. I look forward to meeting you and your furry family members.


Our Friendly Staff:

  • Laura Long
    Laura Long - Owner/operator
    Owner/operator of Adored Pet Services
  • Taylor Watson
    Taylor Watson - Team Manager


    My name Is Taylor Watson, I am beyond lucky to have bumped into Laura at the dog park one day and then one thing led to the next and I now get to join her amazing team.

    I am so excited to be apart of Adored Pet Services journey and to help take excellent care of your furry children.


    I have loved animals my entire life and have always had a family dog.

    Currently I have a black labradoodle named Gabby She is definitely a princes and my whole world, she joins me on all of my adventures like hiking and camping to name a few.


    I am that friend that will stop in the middle of any conversation if a dog goes by that I must go pet.  I have been a dog walker for about one year now and ever since day one I have fallen in love with the job.

    I am Certified in Pet First Aid through Walks N Wags and I have experience with many different breads from large to small and everyting in between.


    I look forward to meeting your pets and loving them like they are my own.

  • Terri Morris
    Terri Morris


    Hello My name is Terri.


    I am known as a “crazy cat lady” and I’m proud of it I may have invited 5 cats from a local animal rescue into my home during the devasting flood of 2013...but only 2 decided to adopt me. :)


    The love of my life was my precious JerziGirl, the most beautiful yellow lab you ever did see.

    I now fill my bucket with my other two babes, a High River 2013 flood kitty named Penelope and a feral kittycat who for 2 years, I fed and cared for.


    With the guidance of Kim from Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation, Charlie Chubbs has become the biggest baby and I LOVE IT

    My babes are my world and I am so grateful for their love and companionship.

    I have spent a lifetime loving and caring for partner dogs and cats of friends, family and acquaintances.


    I have a long list of dog and cat friends who I cherish and love dearly. I’m always happy to add more babes to that list :)

  • Melody Grohs
    Melody Grohs


    My name is Melody Grohs.


    Animals have always held a very special place in my heart, and I feel exceptionally lucky to be a part of the Adored Pet Services team where I can be surrounded by furry ones


    I have always had a deep appreciation for the bonds you can form with animals and how much you can learn from these relationships.

    I believe when caring for animals you need to be patient, calm, confident, and build trust at the animals’ pace.


    Currently, I have a yellow Labrador named Dezi and a Persian cat named Pogg, both are love bugs with their own special quirky personalities


    I am excited and honoured to be able to get the chance to build a special relationship with your fur babies.

  • Kourtney Tripp
    Kourtney Tripp


    Hi all I’m Kourtney and this is my crew (plus 1 husband and 2 less furry kids).

    Faelen is our reactive boy.. really not a fan of other dogs; Sasha is our fearful girl and Charlie is unsure of new people.

    All 3 of these guys were foster failures, as my husband and I fostered dogs with a few local rescue groups.


    Now that our house is full, I pet sit to get those extra furry cuddles.

    I look forward to meeting you and your precious pets

  • Keli Boos
    Keli Boos


    Hello all My name is Keli Boos and I am forever an auntie to all fur babies I naturally have a love and passion for all pets.


    My schedule changes depending on the animals needs... they ALWAYS come first Growing up with zero pets; made me realize that I don’t need my “own” pet.

    Of course down the line that might change but in the mean time I am so happy to have the opportunity to be one of the full time overnight care girls.


    That being said; I get to look after and love everyone’s fur babies when they go out of town for whatever the reason

    Hope to meet you & your fur animals down the line ?”

  • Lauren OBrien
    Lauren OBrien


    Im a pet mom to 2 dogs and 2 cats.


    One of my pups is a rescue with lots of anxiety and fear so I know how much patience and love these kinds of dogs need.


    Its worth it though I enjoy hiking, camping and quading with my hubby and always appreciate a chance to meditate or do yoga.


    Im excited for all the new furry friends Im going to make

  • Melissa Farion
    Melissa Farion

    Hi my name is Melissa and I am super excited to spend my time with your fur babies

    I have been passionate about dogs for as long as I can remember.  My whole childhood was spent walking neighborhood dogs as I was unable to have my own. My other favorite pastime was reading breed books so I have developed an entertaining and totally useless skill of being able to name almost every breed on the planet  I have been working with dogs professionally for about 6 years now with the majority of that time being spent dog walking.  Nothing beats spending my days outdoors surrounded by furry friends

    I share my life with my boyfriend, Brandon, our senior Maya the Portuguese Water Dog, Jango the Doberman and two cats named Milo and Felix  Most of my free time is spent with the 5 of them or playing sports with Jango.  We currently compete in disc and are training in agility

    I am registered in pet first aid through DogSafe.  I am currently working towards a training certificate through Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers and learning tons about dog behavior to expand my skills

    I am so excited to be apart of such a wonderful team 

  • Jaqueline Gauthier
    Jaqueline Gauthier


    Hi everyone

    My name is Jacqueline Gauthier and I am so excited to be joining the Adored Pet Services team I have always had a love for animals growing up, and was blessed enough to have a family that shared that love.


    My passion for working with animals started at a young age but was really solidified when I adopted my first dog Chance.

    Although he had been through some rough times in his life, he was a ball of sweetness that you couldnt help but fall in love with.

    After losing him to cancer 2 years ago, I decided it was time to bring another dog into my home.

    She is almost 2 years old now and she owns every bit of my heart.


    I am so honoured to be trusted to care for your fur babies, and can promise I will give them all the love and kindness as if they were my own.


    I look forward to starting this journey with Laura and the whole Adored Pet Services team

  • Jenn Nishino
    Jenn Nishino

    Hi My name is Jenn Nishino and my longtime love of animals has led me to Adored Pet Services.


    I live with my husband and our 3 crazy rescue kitties Boo-Boo, Midori, Fwank and our rescue dog.


    Over the years I have fostered and cared for many litters of kittens and adult cats.

    2 years ago, we adopted our first dog Sachi and it has been the most rewarding experience watching a timid unsure pup turn into the most loyal and loving companion.


    I look forward to meeting your fur babies and giving them all the love and attention

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