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About Adored Pet Services
About Adored Pet Services
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Rates and Services


Group Off Leash Dog Walks

1 Hour Off Leash Dog Walk


$26 1 walk per week

$24 (per walk) 2-3 walks per week

$22 (per walk) 4-5 walks per week


Service Includes


Our off leash group walks are done on a PRIVATE 3 acres of fully fenced in land, we are all about providing a safe and happy experience for your dog. Our off leash run begins once we get to our location and goes for 1 hour, we pick up and drop off your dog from your home. **We now offer a group for our clients in the following SW communities Riverbend, Quarry Park, Acadia, Southwood, Lake Bonivista, Willow Park, Braeside, Canyon Meadows, Midnapore, Shawnessey and Sundance.



Private On Leash Dog Walk * $5 surcharge added to evening and weekend walks


30 Min Walk

$26/per walk 1-2 walks per week

$24/per walk 3-5 walks per week


45 Min Walk

$36/per walk 1-2 walks per week

$34/per walk 3-5 walks per week


1 Hour Walk

$40/per walk 1-2 walks per week

$38/per walk 3-5 walks per week


*Ask us about our additional dog add on 


*Please note that weekend and/or evening walks may be done by someone other than your regular daytime walker due to availability. 


Service Includes


One on one attention for your dog during a walk through your neighbourhood. Let us help you get that daily walk in while you are at work. 



30 Minute Pet Visit - A premium of $5 will be added for Saturday/Sunday visits

$26 per visit (Fees may apply for additonal pets)


Service Includes


We want to tailor this service to the needs of your pet(s), whether it be a cat, puppy, senior dog or small animal, we understand all animals need different care. We can help ease your mind while you are on the go, at work, or out of town. 



15 Minute Potty Break - (DEEP SE COMMUNITIES ONLY) A premium of $5 will be added for Saturday/Sunday visits

$16 per visit


Service Includes


While this service is ideal for any dog, often times older dogs, dogs with health issues and puppies need to go out more often. If you are gone for a long period of time during the day, your dog will thank you for the break. 



Hourly Pet Care - ( 3 hr minimum) A premium of $5 will be added for Saturday/Sunday visits

$20 per hour


Service Includes


This service is customized to your pets needs




$65+ per night (one pet)

$80+ per night (two pets)

$10 each additional dog

$5 each additonal cat

*Please note that on last day of service if you are home after 12pm a half day charge will be applied 


Service Includes

  • Love and care in your pets home where they are most comfortable
  • Feedings
  • Bathroom breaks in the morning and throughout the evening
  • 1- 30 Minute walk when your caregiver arrives for the evening (Multi dog households may be subject to addtional walking fees)
  • Daily litterbox cleaning/cat feeding/water
  • Please note that our Caregivers provide other services, work or go to school during the day and will be away from your home for periods of time. If your pet(s) requires additional care during the day you can choose to add on any of the services above at an additional cost. (Additional services may be provided by other members of our team) 


        Additional Information

  • GST is not included in above pricing and will be added at time of invoice
  • All animals must be licensed and up to date on vaccines/titer test
  • Only Force Free methods will be used with animals in our care
  • We currently service Calgary's SE/SW communities
  • Please note that at the discretion of the dog walker, if the weather is too cold or too hot your service will be modified.
  • Dog Walking, Pet Visits, Potty Breaks and Hourly Pet Sitting done before 8am and after 6pm or on weekends will have a $5 fee added. Stat Holidays $10 fee Applies
  • Key pick up is an additional $15 fee








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